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Out in Los Angeles

On Thursday (31), Amy Adams was seen leaving her pilates class with Darren and Avianna. See the pictures in our gallery:


Candids :Aug 31 | Leaving pilates class with her family in Los Angeles




Out in Santa Monica

Amy Adams was seen out in Santa Monica on August 27. See the pictures in our gallery:


Candids :Aug 27 | Out in Santa Monica



Update │Amy Adams attends ‘Hamilton’ Opening Night

This is a update of the this previous post.

Since when we published the post of Amy leaving the ‘Hamilton’ Opening Night, some videos and pictures taken by fans have been published. Check them below:

Gallery Update │2016 events

We’ve updated our gallery with all events that Amy has attended during the year of 2016. We add more then 2,500 pics:


Appearances :2016





Amy Adams arriving for her pilates class

On August 19, Amy was spotted arriving for her pilates class in Hollywood. See the pictures in our gallery:



Candids :Aug 19 |Arrives for a pilates class in Hollywood