Amy Adams arriving for her pilates class

On August 19, Amy was spotted arriving for her pilates class in Hollywood. See the pictures in our gallery:   GALLERY LINKS: Candids :Aug 19 |Arrives for a pilates class in Hollywood    

Amy Adams and her family at Nate’n Al’s in Beverly Hills

Amy was seen arriving at Nate’n Al’s in Beverly Hills for a breakfast with Darren and Avianna. See the pictures in our gallery: GALLERY LINKS: Candids :Aug 16 | Head to breakfast at Nate’n Al’s in Beverly Hills, CA    

Amy Adams attends ‘Hamilton’ Opening Night with her husband

On August 16, Amy Adams was spotted leaving ‘Hamilton’ Opening Night with her husband, Darren. We updated our gallery with some pictures from yesterday: GALLERY LINKS: Candids :Aug 16 | ‘Hamilton’ opening night

Amy attends the 19th Annual Day of Indulgence Party

On August 14, Amy Adams attended the producer Jennifer Klein’s 19th annual Day of Indulgence in Los Angeles. The event was hosted at Jennifer Klein’s house in LA. Also participated: Gadot, Lily Collins, Nina Dobrev, Halle Berry, Debra Messing , Emmy Russum among others. Debra Messing, who was in “The Wedding Date with Amy, posted a lovely pic with her:

CANDIDS │At a studio in Burbank, CA

On August 11, Amy was seen arriving in a studio in Burbank, California. We’ve add 90 imagens on our gallery: GALLERY LINKS: Candids : Aug 11 │Arrives at a studio in Burbank, CA

Gallery Update

Our gallery is updated with all events that Amy has attended so far in 2017. The 2017’s candids are also updated: GALLERY LINKS: 2017 : Events 2017 : Candids

Amy Adams receives “Giffoni Experience Award”

On July 18, Amy Adams attended the Giffoni Festival in Italy, where she received the Giffoni Experience Award. Bellow, an article about Amy from Giffoni’s official site: Amy Adams won the jury of Giffoni Film Festival with small-great gestures, like heart-closed hands, and succeeded in the incredible mission of silencing the room, all concentrated in an ecstatic silence. To a girl