First pictures of Amy Adams filming Backseat

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen photos of Amy with Christian Bale filming their newest project. The photos were published by the Daily Mail on October 3 and since then I was hoping to get the photos in HQ to publish this post, unfortunately this didn’t happen. Amy Adams will play Lynne Cheney, the wife of 46th

New trailer for Justice League

The final trailer of Justice League was finally unveiled on last Sunday! We can see a lot of the Amy’s character (Lois Lane) in this trailer, and it’s so good! We also can finally see the character of Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman). I really look forward to this movie. I hope this film has a good reception with

Amy Adams with her family in Beverly Hills

On October 07, Amy Adams was spotted with her family out for breakfast Beverly Hills, CA. Check out the pictures below:

Lois Lane Is in Mourning in Justice League?

We would start this off with a spoiler alert, but if you haven’t heard about the ending of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice by now, well, not much can help you. The face-off between the heroes of Gotham and Metropolis ended in a way that most fans frankly didn’t see coming (or at least didn’t want to see coming). Superman finally

Be part of Amy Adams Source!

Amy Adams Source is opening up vacancies for new members in our team. It is important to remember that when you sign up you should be aware that you have enough time to take care of the chosen function and will not be tolerated lack of commitment. It is a totally voluntary work, we do not receive any kind of

New layout & url!

We have new theme up on the main site ! The previous one was too much simple and it was time for a change. Thank you to Sushi for the beautiful header, I hope all you all love it as much as I do! And thanks to DC Design for the amazing premade. Last but not least, we now have a

New Gallery layout

We’ve a new layout in our gallery! Thanks to Your Coppermine Design on for the gorgeous layout. Check it: Gallery